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Mari promosikan listing Anda, diskon, promosi atau cukup menyapa pelanggan Anda dengan kotak pop-up selamat datang di beranda.

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Let’s promote your listings, discounts, promotions or just simply say hello to your customer with welcome pop-up box on homepage.

Home page welcome box for osclass

Did you created new category or you’ve started using payment plugin on your osclass? Let’s inform about this update your customers.

  • fully customizable welcome box on homepage
  • up to 5 lines of custom HTML code
  • shown just once to everyone (cookies)
  • versioning – show box again once there is another news
  • dev mode to allow correctly configure and setup plugin
  • show box to everyone, logged users, non-logged users or just to admins

Do you like this free plugin? Do not spend money on premium one if free is better! Plugin is compatible with any osclass theme and does not require files modification, surely is much better than premium Osclass Scroll Box Plugin 😉

Product features and functionality

Documentation included
Require CSS/JS/HTML skills
Add front office functionality

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Welcome Box Free Osclass Plugin