Invisible Recaptcha Plugin

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Lindungi formulir Anda dari spammer dan bot dengan plugin sederhana dan intuitif – Google Invisible ReCaptcha Osclass Plugin. Tidak ada lagi tugas untuk klien Anda, spammer hanya akan diminta untuk mengisi ulang.

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Protect your forms against spammers and bots with simple and intuitive plugin – Google Invisible ReCaptcha Osclass Plugin. No more tasks to your clients, just spammers will be prompted to fill recaptcha.

Osclass spam bots protection

Invisible ReCaptcha is latest version of captcha from google, that is does not require to fill captcha each time form is submitted, however their algorithm track users and in case of suspicious behaviour or too often form submission, captcha verification will popup and will be required in order to submit form.

Plugin use 2 factor verfication:

  • Front-end  – using javascript
  • Back-end – on PHP side, checking submitted recaptcha with google

ReCaptcha verification is recommended for following forms:

  • User registration
  • Item publish
  • Contact
  • Item contact
  • New comment
  • Send to friend

Invisible ReCaptcha plugin supports PHP validation of above listed forms + user & admin login page, however using this plugin any form can be secured on front-end with simple code that should be placed after form tag:

<?php osc_run_hook('invisible_recaptcha'); ?>

ReCaptcha verification can be disabled for logged-in users.

Product features and functionality

Documentation included
Require theme modifications
Require PHP skills
Add back office functionality
Add front office functionality

Additional information

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Invisible Recaptcha Plugin

Rp 20,000Rp 165,000

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