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Perluas situs web Anda dengan forum yang ringan dan kuat – biarkan klien Anda berkomunikasi dan mendapatkan konten unik baru ke osclass Anda.
Buat forum di osclass

Plugin Forum sangat sederhana untuk diinstal dan diatur, ini dapat sepenuhnya dilakukan hanya dalam beberapa menit. Ini memungkinkan klien Anda untuk berkomunikasi langsung di situs Anda dan membawa konten baru dan fitur menarik ke osclass Anda.

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Extend your website with lightweight and powerful forums – let your clients communicate and get new unique content to your osclass.

Create forums on osclass

Forums plugin is extremely simple to install and setup, this can be completely done in just few minutes. It allows your clients to communicate directly on your site and bring new content and interesting feature to your osclass.


You may define one or more basic categories that are shown on forums home page. Categories are used to group similar boards into same box. You may translate categories to any language.


Boards are used to categorize single topics, each board can be assigned to one category and boards support nesting – this means you can create as much sub-boards as you need, there is no limit on how many children board can have! Boards can be translated to any language as well.


While categories and boards are created by administrator, topics are created by forum users. Topic is basically created in selected board and has following features:

  • Lock – topic author, moderator or admin can lock topic and stop further communication. Topic can be unlocked by author just in case it was locked by author as well. If topic is locked by admin or moderator, only admin or moderator can unlock topic
  • Mark as solved – topic author, moderator or admin can mark topic as solved. Plugin will store information who marked topic as solved and when. Topic can be also unmarked
  • Only one language – as it is common on forums, topics and it’s posts are not multilingual as forum users would rarely keep communication in 1 topic in 2 or more languages. Special categories or boards can be created to separate different languages
  • Remove topic – topic can be removed by topic author, moderator or admin


Posts are actually answers or comments in topic. Basically anyone can create new post in topic and ask question there and has following features:

  • Quote – copy text into new post in “quote” format
  • Rich editor – text in topic can be completely formatted
  • Attachment – one attachment can be uploaded to single post
  • Mark as best answer – post may be marked as best answer by topic author, moderator or admin and will be highlighted and shown at top of topic as “answer” to topic question

Forums users

There are 3 user groups in forum plugin:

  1. Administrators – has full control over forums. Does not mean osclass administrator, forum admins are setup in forum plugin configuration.
  2. Moderators – has full control over selected boards, are set in forum plugin configuration.
  3. Standard users – standard customer account

Each user can setup forum profile and enter following details:

  • Avatar (logo)
  • Forum name
  • Title
  • Motto
  • Website
  • Signature

Earn money on osclass forums? Sure!

As many of plugins on OsclassPoint market, also Forums Plugin brings option to monetize your site and earn money out of it.

Forums plugin may be connected to Osclass Pay – Membership groups and restrict selected boards just to members of particular groups. As example board “Premium support” can be created and only users those paid for membership may access this board and get better support service.


Forums plugin comes with sitemap generator that daily refresh sitemap (plugin one) and ping new sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Forums Osclass Plugin

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