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Apakah Anda ingin memberikan opsi kepada penjual stabil Anda untuk membuat profil bisnis – toko sendiri? Itu sebabnya Plugin Profil Bisnis ada di sana! Ubah osclass Anda menjadi direktori bisnis dalam beberapa detik, tidak pernah semudah ini.


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Would you like to give your stable sellers option to create own store – business profile? That’s why Business Profile Plugin is there! Turn your osclass into business directory in few seconds, it’s never been easier.

Business Directory Osclass Plugin

Plugin enables every user to create business profile for own brand or company to be able to better advertise own listings on your classifieds.

  • Logo – user can upload own logo into profile (logo can be reused)
  • Cover, Color – to better propagate own brand, user can upload own cover image as well as brand color that is applied on some theme elements
  • Validation – admin has full control over who is eligible to have business profile
  • Identifier – based on user name, unique indetifier is created and used in URL. This enhance SEO and conversions from google to business profile
  • Primary categories – seller can choose what are primary categories for it’s business. When user click on category link, redirection shows just items of this seller
  • Opening hours – enables to define opening hours in store
  • Social network links – to improve social marketing, seller can define links to social business accounts. Currently supported networks are: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and own link
  • Features – based on admin definition of available features, sellers can choose these in profile to be shown (like Free Parking, Gift, Coffe, …)
  • Accepted payments – based on admin definition of available payments, seller can choose what are supported payment methods in it’s store (like Paypal, COD, Cash, Credit Card, …)
  • Interactive filtering – user’s listings can be filtered by category and city without leaving profile page
  • Pagination – in case there is too many listings on profile, or too many business profiles, admin can setup pagination (i.e. 18 per page)
  • Meta tags – meta tags are generated in order to improve SEO and conversions to profile page
  • Profile Picture – plugin cooperates with Profile Picture Plugin (free) and whenever user uploads new logo, this is updated in Profile Picture Plugin as well


Admin can choose to to validate automatically all the profiles, or each must be validated manually.

Next, seller can be marked as verified getting verified label on business profile. This option is useful especially for people those personally knows some of their sellers. You can give more trust to your classifieds.

Then, there are 3 types of users:

  • Basic – standard business profile
  • Pro – professional seller
  • VIP – important seller for your store

There is no extra functionality besides getting label on profile.

There is option from admin to remove profile as well.

Monetize Osclass

Business Profile Plugin provides option to monetize your site using Osclass Pay Plugin. When plugin is installed, you can choose groups in those membership is required in order to have profile active.

This means, that when user purchase membership, profile is automatically activated (auto-validation can be disabled) and when membership expires, business profile is disabled automatically.

Based on attr (attribute) field in Osclass Pay Group, you can also define to which  type will be user’s profile assigned automatically (Basic, Pro, VIP).

Show Store on Map

If you have Google Maps Plugin installed (free) and API key for google defined, plugin will add link to show store on map, if location has been set by user. Map is shown in place of cover image that ideally re-use space.

Contact Seller

User can click on button and simple contact form will be available to drop an email to seller. Phone numbers are shown as links with tel: attribute in order to enable quick calls to seller.

Compatibility and versatility

Business Profile Plugin will work with any standard theme and should have no conflict with other plugins. Plugin is based on own stylesheet and these are transfered to other themes as well.

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Business Profile Osclass Plugin

Rp 17,000Rp 317,400

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