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Plugin Backoffice Manager untuk osclass menghadirkan banyak fungsi yang tidak tersedia di osclass sebagai Publikasi Daftar, penghapusan daftar kadaluarsa, pengguna tidak aktif dan spam, penghapusan komentar dan daftar, Manajer Status Lanjut dan banyak lagi!

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Backoffice Manager Plugin for osclass brings many functionalities that are not available in osclass as Listing Republish, Expired listings deletion, inactive and spammy users, comments and listings deletion, Advanced Status Manager and much more!

  • republish functions
  • status manager
  • listings related
  • users related
  • feedback

Republish – renewal item function

Listings can be renewed / republished and get into top of search. Republish function update publish date of listing.

  • allow users to republish their listings
  • set period before expiration date (number of days), when republishing is possible
  • set day before expire date, when user receive email that listing is about expire and it is possible to republish it if this listing is still valid
  • set to receive notification about newly republished listings
  • set that republished listings need to be validated by admin (when listing is republished, it is set to be inactive)
  • set when premium listing is republished, if it will be premium listing also then or it will be transformed to regular listing
  • set sending republish URL in friendly format
  • enter number of days that listing expiration date will be extended, or get expiration days from category settings
  • place republish link to user profile right to it’s items
  • send statistics about listing when it expire. Statistic contains:
    • regular views (how many people viewed this listing when it was not premium)
    • premium views (how many people viewed this listing when it was premium)
    • contact form use (how many people used contact form to get in touch with seller)
  • set number of days after expiration date, when expired non-republished listing will be deleted
  • set maximum republish count (how many times can be particular listing republished max)
  • set paid republishing (in cooperation with Payment Plugin that manage payments)
  • allow users to republish listing even if it has not expired (ideally in combination with paid republishing)

Actions as sending email, deleting expired ads etc. are managed by CRON, so there is no action required from your site.

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Backoffice Manager Plugin

Rp 52,500

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